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I have recently been chosen as one of this year's recipients for a BC Creative Achievement Award and will be in Vancouver on 26 November, 2015 for the presentation ceremony.

Statement and bio

My work investigates form, surface, colour and systems of relationships to reconsider the wheelthrown ceramic vessel. I am committed to the tradition of wheel throwing within ceramic practice, but am interested in abstracting the familiar vessel form. How can the rim of a pot can become a wall in itself or is simply a gesture at the confluence of two planes. In some instances, the vessel’s very nature of containment is reduced to the slightest indentation, but this intimate space still remains.

The hard and reduced forms are partnered with soft, satin-matt glazed surfaces and muted tones. I use opposition to explore simultaneous balance and tension; the vessel being a space of difference as continuity. In the groupings, I think of individual pieces being brought together as notes in a chord; complete in their own right, but enriched through their relationships with one another.

Kelly completed a Bachelor of General Fine Arts in 2011 from the Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada is currently a Master of Philosophy student within the ceramic workshop at the ANU School of Art in Canberra, Australia.

November 11, 2015+br850+br567+br1

for one

November 11, 2015+br850+br567+br2

grouping 4

November 11, 2015+br850+br466+br3


November 11, 2015+br850+br566+br4


November 11, 2015+br850+br320+br5

grouping 2

November 11, 2015+br850+br325+br6

grouping 3

November 11, 2015+br850+br304+br7

with jackie

May 10, 2013+br850+br435+br8

small finds

May 10, 2013+br850+br474+br9

taking the time

May 10, 2013+br850+br494+br10


May 10, 2013+br850+br347+br11


May 10, 2013+br850+br466+br12

on the front deck

May 10, 2013+br844+br680+br13

nothing better than cheese and olives

May 10, 2013+br850+br395+br14

my favorite meal is nibbles

May 10, 2013+br850+br605+br15

morning ritual

May 10, 2013+br764+br680+br16


May 10, 2013+br850+br598+br17

for dinner

May 10, 2013+br850+br600+br18


May 10, 2013+br850+br557+br19


May 10, 2013+br850+br502+br20


May 10, 2013+br850+br450+br21

a much needed break

May 10, 2013+br850+br468+br22

a much needed break, cups

May 10, 2013+br850+br431+br23

salt exploration

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br24

serving plate

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br25

small plates

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br26

tea cup

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br27

lidded container

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br28

pouring pot and saucer

April 29, 2013+br850+br616+br29

mug and brick

April 29, 2013+br850+br566+br30


April 29, 2013+br453+br680+br31


October 6, 2012+br850+br417+br32


October 6, 2012+br850+br665+br33


October 6, 2012+br850+br393+br34


October 6, 2012+br850+br420+br35


October 6, 2012+br850+br556+br36

cup and saucer

October 6, 2012+br821+br680+br37

latte cups

October 6, 2012+br850+br436+br38


October 6, 2012+br550+br680+br39


October 6, 2012+br732+br680+br40

cup and plate

October 6, 2012+br850+br497+br41

cup and plate

October 6, 2012+br850+br618+br42

laminated plate

October 6, 2012+br690+br680+br43

cup and plate

October 6, 2012+br850+br499+br44

breakfast bowl

October 6, 2012+br850+br486+br45


October 6, 2012+br850+br454+br46


October 6, 2012+br850+br642+br47


October 6, 2012+br850+br654+br48

serving plate

September 23, 2012+br793+br680+br49

plate stack

September 23, 2012+br850+br460+br50

inlay plate

September 23, 2012+br766+br680+br51

serving plate

September 23, 2012+br746+br680+br52

serving plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br387+br53

nibbles plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br591+br54

nibbles plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br456+br55

cheese plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br393+br56

cheese plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br458+br57

inlay plate

September 23, 2012+br746+br680+br58

large plate

September 23, 2012+br850+br509+br59

oval bread basket

September 23, 2012+br850+br429+br60

large inlay bowl

September 23, 2012+br850+br601+br61

linear bowl

September 23, 2012+br850+br454+br62

large bowl

September 23, 2012+br850+br536+br63

large low dish

September 23, 2012+br850+br434+br64

low serving dish

September 23, 2012+br850+br461+br65

low serving dish

September 23, 2012+br850+br421+br66

triangle vase

March 28, 2012+br744+br680+br67

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