Classification of water pillows

Water pillow products gradually become the perfect choice for family space, especially on hot summer days. To meet the needs of users today, there are many types of water pillows for air conditioning and temperature. This classification is based on the materials used in which the material used for cooling is a cooling gel, including hard and soft gels, transition materials, water, or soldering agents with full cooling capacity.

These materials have their own characteristics. So you should choose the types of materials that are popular on the market. This is a problem that many people are interested in, but not every user knows about it. Along with that is the cost factor. If you want to choose the right product with the full cooling function, creating a pleasant feeling for users, including children and babies, it is necessary to understand their advantages and disadvantages. To understand more about this issue, please refer to some specific information I shared explicitly below. Please refer to more to know what is the best type of water pillow that you and your family members should use.

Water cooling pillow

The product of the cooling water pillow is said to be the first product line of natural air conditioners that appeared on the market. This pillow model with absolute advantages and is considered to create an instant cooling sensation to bring a more relaxed, more pleasant summer. But their disadvantage is the ability to hold the heat of the pillow, the water pillow is not stable.

When lying down for a long time, it can cause head-cold, back-cold for the elderly or pneumonia, cough for children. Therefore, to use this product, great care should be taken to avoid affecting the health and sleep quality of users.

The surface of this product is pressed into separate compartments with massage effect, but they can cause a feeling of tilting, unstable. This is the feeling that many users are not very interested. When buying, you need to pay attention to the smell of the product because there are a few types of a plastic smell, very uncomfortable.

If you pay attention to find out, compared to other products, they are quite cheap, easily buy the right product as well as have a continuous use time of about one year. Along with that, water pillows are more massive than average that are water pillow products with high weight, so they make it difficult to transport, store as well as runs water if they are punctured.

Pillow of phase change material (PCM)

According to information, phase change materials are no stranger to consumers because they have been used in the space industry for a long time. Recently it also gradually introduced and applied in products that bring convenience to life.

Along with that, this material plays an important role that can absorb absolute heat as well as the ability to cool the perfect body. Whenever it is hot, they release heat to the body as well as heating the body whenever it gets cold. Thanks to that, the product is made of this material can be used for both winter and summer, absolute convenience for users.

Every time you use the product, you can note that their heat is exceptionally stable, only 3-5 degrees Celsius away from the user’s body temperature. Therefore, they do not affect the health and sleep of users, including infants.

Although the surface of this product is not smooth when used, it is very flat and does not cause a slippery, airy feeling as well as back pain when used. With the durability of 3-5 years, light and easy to transport, but preserving the stage should be careful to avoid puncturing the surface layer to avoid watering.

The most significant disadvantage of this product is that the surface is not as smooth as other products because of the lumping mechanism when it is cold, and the liquid turns when it is hot.

Gel cushion

These products, when sent to the market, are made of two types: Hard Gel and Soft Gel. But no matter what type they are, they absorb the heat from the user’s body and then transfer it into the water. Moreover, it also heats dissipation to the outside in places where the product does not come into direct contact with the body.

It is because of this principle that the air conditioner pillow or cushion regularly keeps the temperature 3 – 5 degrees Celsius lower than the body’s temperature. This is a safe reduction of heat and does not cause sudden heat loss, so it will not affect body balance.

Also, no matter which type of gel, they can remain stable as they were when heated, so they are easy to leak out when punctured. So you should pay attention when using it.

In terms of style, Gel cushion is designed with a flat surface, not wavy, so if using them does not cause discomfort, pain. Along with that, while using, you should pay attention to the material used does not flow from corner to corner, so it does not cause protrusions on the surface or not stall. This helps to use them without feeling back pain, neck pain, or causing any discomfort.

In conclusion

With hot summer days, the pillows with cooling functions such as water pillows appear to maximize the effects that can help you get a night of much better and more comfortable sleep. Primarily, this product is suitable for children who can limit sweating or insomnia due to heat. But if you intend to choose water pillows for cooling, you need to be aware of the choice of good pillow brands to ensure the health of your family. Hopefully, the information I have just shared with you above will be helpful for you to learn and choose for yourself the best water pillow.

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