Manual Saser Measuring Tool

A handheld distance-measuring device is an intelligent device invented by science and technology to serve human calculations. Thanks to this machine we can save maximum costs as well as shorten working time. Currently, this device is quite popular, but not everyone knows how to use it for maximum efficiency, so this article will show you how to use a laser measuring tool.

Instructions to buy a handheld distance measuring device

There are many different types of distance measuring devices; we cannot know which one is better. So the best way is to choose famous and reputable brands.

Manual laser distance measuring device

  • How to use a laser measuring tool

Step 1:Press the “Read” button to turn on the device

Step 2: Choose a distance measurement from the top of the equipment or the bottom of the machine

Step 3: Choose the type of analysis: distance measurement, length measurement, area measurement, volume measurement

Step 4: Press the Read to measure

Depending on the type of study you have chosen, you must press Read how many times.

If you measure the distance from the current position to the object to be measured, you only point the device at it and press the Read button once.

  • Types of laser measuring tool

The first type is measure from the bottom of the device.

Measure from the top of the device.

Square measurement: When you need to measure the height of objects such as buildings, poles, … you only need to use a laser distance meter to measure two distances:

Step 1: Measure from the current position to the object to be measured.

Step 2: You measure from your feet to the top of the object.

Step 3: According to the principle of Pythagoras, in the right triangle, knowing hypotenuse, right angle, you will find the other side.

Measure any segment in front of the primary use when it is necessary to measure the distance above, for example, measuring the width of a remote building (when we stand between two ends of the building).

  • Measured from the current position to one end of the building
  • Measure from the current position to the other end of the building
  • Measure the distance from the current position to the building
  • Two times Pythagoras we have two small edges → the sum of 2 main segments is the length to be measuredSimilar to the above measure, you applied when we are outside.Measuring the area of ​​the ground: calculating the cost of construction ground, such as masonry, acrid, paint baits, aluminum, and glass, doors, wooden cabinets …Measure the volume to calculate the amount of concrete to be used.When you need to level the foundation, concreting the foundation of the house, with a handheld laser measuring tool, you do just a few simple steps. In 30 seconds, you have the results immediately to be measured.

    The performance of the laser distance meter is critical, so you should not arbitrarily change the performance of the laser. Once you make the wrong changes, laser radiation can be hazardous. While using the device, you should not look directly at the laser beam or search through the optical instruments directly, which is terrible for your eyes. And especially that you do not project the Laser beam of the machine at people or animals.

    Note that you do not direct the laser beam towards the sun or other light sources, this can affect the calculation and lead to miscalculation and give inaccurate results. The device must not be used in humid or dusty environments because it is easy to damage components. Handheld laser distance measuring devices do not work when shining on colorless liquid and report errors in case of the glossy surface.

    If you do not use the device for a long time, you should remove the battery. When using it for a long time, you should carefully check it before starting the machine.

    Instruction for unit conversion in laser measuring tools

    • Convert unit GLM 30/40: In the Off state. You press and hold the On / Off button until the measurement unit changes as desired.
    • Convert unit GLM 50/7000: There is a conversion key on the device.
    • Switch to GLM 80 / 100C / 250 VF units: You hold down the FUNC button (for GLM 50 C, GLM 80, GLM 100 C) or press FUNC (for GLM 250 VF) to get into the settings. Then you press the button FUNC comes to the environment where the unit is displayed (the screen has four zeros and has ft or m units in the right corner). And the last you press + or – to change the group, to return to the main screen press the continue button.

    In conclusion

    A handheld laser measuring tool is essential in the human calculation. Finding yourself and your work, the best laser measuring tool is essential. However, misusing it will lead to inaccurate predictions, not to mention that it may harm the user himself. Hopefully, this article will give you some more knowledge about this machine so that you can use the maximum capacity of the device and ensure safety.

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